That Juniata's Best Days are Ahead

We believe Juniata's best days are ahead and will be advanced by a collective effort of those who value the distinctive educational and community experience for which this College will be better known.

We do not build buildings at Juniata. We create spaces for opportunity. Those opportunities and our flexibility have created the distinctive educational and community experience that our students, families, and alumni know.

Music is a keystone of the College’s history, heritage, and community. A new music facility will support the passions and interests of a wide swath of students, and will also provide space for additional academic options.

The Winton Hill Athletics Facility is our conference’s finest venue for soccer, lacrosse, and tennis and is key to helping Juniata attract students, signaling the quality of its programs, and providing an impressive northwest gateway to our campus.

The Tom and Pat Kepple Integrated Media and Studio Arts Building is a hub for art, media, and design—growing strengths at Juniata in a program driven by student interest. The building reflects how programs inspire how we create space to support student growth. A magnet for students whose main area of study is in art or integrated media, it also attracts those seeking creative stimulus for their thinking.

We believe the strength of our community is built on the contributions of all—students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends—who come here from across the United States and around the world to engage in intellectual and personal growth in an environment of both challenge and support.

Individuals have long provided strong support for the annual fund—those gifts made year-in and year-out, to the Juniata Scholarship Fund or to support athletics, the library, the arts, or other areas of personal interest.

The loyal support of our community—by alumni, parents of our students, and friends—indicates they value what we do and shows their commitment to the Juniata promise. Such gifts—with their regularity, increases over the years, and combined power—are a show of faith in the direction of this great College. They make others take notice of what we do, and they provide the infusion of support that recreates opportunity every year.

We believe in the exceptional power of a Juniata education and the inherent values therein, and that our plan to strengthen the ability to deliver on our mission is worthy of your support.

Taken collectively, the goals we pursue are connected to Juniata’s strategic plan, and ultimately to the very mission of the College.

We have always held our focus on students and what it takes to provide the necessary challenge and experiences to prepare them for pursuing not only an education, but preparation for a meaningful life. We will also increase our ability to make the wondrous opportunity of a Juniata education available to all with the drive and potential to make the most of it.

We believe in you—who know and value Juniata—to help us make the most significant investment in the student experience in the College’s 143-year history.

We are not raising money simply for buildings. We are asking people to support spaces wherein students and faculty pursue opportunities.

We are asking, as well, to help our faculty, those who value our distinctive place, the individuals who create it and nurture it every day.

We know you believe in what we do, so we ask you to partner with us to create a learning environment focused on success for our students.

We believe in the importance of this effort, and that you recognize the bright future ahead.

We ask you to believe in Juniata’s effort to raise more than $115 million to support and enhance our learning environment.

Over the next several years, Juniata will ask our alumni, friends, parents of our students, community partners, and others to give in support of the greatest investment in the student experience in our history. Everyone will have an opportunity to play a part in strengthening this unique place.